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Glad Tidings

Glad Tidings

Author: Debbie Macomber

Category: Christian , Romance

Published: 2006


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Glad Tidings (Here Comes Trouble & There's Something About Christmas)


This is a time for families, for togetherness, for memories. On Christmas Eve, Maryanne and Nolan Adams tell their kids the story they most want to hear --- how Mom and Dad met and fell in love. It all started when they were reporters on rival Seattle papers ... and next thing you know, Here Comes Trouble!

Christmas is also a time for ... fruitcake. Rookie reporter Emma Collins hates fruitcake; for that matter, she hates Christmas, too. When three Washington State women are finalists in a national fruitcake contest, the story is assigned to her. That's bad enough. It gets worse when she has to fly in a small plane (scary!) with a smart-aleck pilot named Oliver Hamilton (sexy!) and his scruffy dog (cute!). In the end she meets three wise women, falls in love and learns There's Something About Christmas.

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