Rode Hard, Put Up Wet Page 45

No wonder artists talked about love being the best inspiration; it was true.

He could finally show the world what Macie meant to him. Who she was to him and who he was to her. How she looked at him with love. Love he’d been searching for his entire adult life.

Trevor grinned at her. “Been waitin’ for this day for a long time, precious Gem-stone.”

“Yeah? Well, I am a little nervous, so be kind, okay?”

Trevor moseyed over and cupped her face in his big hands. Warm, full lips pressed hers before his tongue snaked inside.

Gemma jumped when she felt Cash move in behind her. “Easy.” His fingers curled into her hips and he nuzzled his face in her hair.

Trevor licked and nipped at her mouth and pulled back with a sigh. “Kind? Huh-uh. I wanna fuck you like an animal. I’m gonna show you the dark side of lust.” His lips came down on hers and he leisurely unbuttoned her blouse. Cash peeled it down her trembling arms. Then Cash unhooked her bra and her breasts tumbled into Trevor’s hands.

Gemma’s head rested on Cash’s shoulder, his long hair drifted across her bared skin in an erotic tease as Trevor tongued her nipples. Cash breathed heavily in her ear, slowly sliding his hands down to unsnap her jeans.

A flash of heat speared between her legs and she moaned.

“I love the sound of a woman’s pleasure. It’s gonna be a long night. We aren’t even to the good stuff yet,” Trevor said, kissing a path to where her jeans gapped. He inhaled.

“Mmm. Love the smell of wet pussy. Help me take her jeans down, Cash.”

Cash tugged and her pants slithered down her legs.

“Let’s get you warmed up.” Trevor’s first two fingers slipped over her mound and into her sex. Deep. He added another finger, wiggled and pumped, filling the room with the juicy sucking sound of her excitement.

Gemma widened her stance and tipped her neck to the side giving Cash better access.

Trevor withdrew his hand and finger-painted up her torso, following the line with his mouth. He wiped the wetness on her nipples and sucked it off, moaning his enjoyment.

“Cash, finger fuck her while I eat these delicious tits.”

“Gladly.” Cash ground his cock into her ass as his hand moved between her thighs.

He whispered, “You’re wet. This is makin’ you hot.”


“Good. You wanna get off fast? Or have me draw it out?”

“Fast. Please.”

“I knew you’d say that.” He plunged three fingers inside her pussy, then brought those some three wet fingers up to her mound. He opened the hood of skin covering her clit with his two outside fingers, while the middle one stroked the small button. Tapped it.

Rubbed it fast, the way he knew she liked it.

Between Trevor sucking and biting her nipples, and Cash’s expert attention to her clit, she couldn’t hold back. The pulsing started and she came with a startled gasp.

After the throbbing slowed, Gemma opened her eyes. Trevor grinned at her. “Good warm up?”

“Great warm up.”

His hand traced the lines of her collarbones and up the center of her throat. He brushed his fingers across her lips. “Open up. Suck your juices off my fingers.” Then he slid all three into her mouth. “That’s it. I wanna see you enjoying your sweet cream.”

She sucked, tasting herself on Trevor’s rough knuckles. She lapped at his fingers, trying to discern the salty taste of his skin from her musk.

“That’s sexy as hell.” He eased them out and said, “Cash? Your turn.”

Then Cash’s fingers slipped inside her mouth. She licked his thick digits, rolling them over her eager tongue, removing all traces of her taste. Suddenly Cash pulled his fingers out and smashed his mouth to hers, vigorously sucking her own juices off her tongue. Bringing the flavor into his mouth and swallowing it.

Gemma’s head swam in a burst of pleasure.

While Cash kissed her, Trevor licked a path up to her ear. He kneaded her breasts, plumping them together. He whispered, “I want to fuck your tits. Grease them up and straddle your face so you can suck my balls while I’m sliding my cock here.” His finger demonstrated. “It’ll be hard and fast. I’d come all over your breasts and your belly. Then I’d start all over again.”

Gemma shivered from the erotic whispers in her ear and the kiss assaulting her mouth. She broke away with a gasp.

Trevor chuckled. “I think she’s ready for more. Want me to show you something fun?”


“Cash, strip. Both of you get on the bed.”

As they disrobed and stood side by side, Gemma was amazed at how different Cash and Trevor’s bodies were. The lighter tone of Trevor’s skin compared to the reddish-golden hue of Cash’s. The hair sprinkled on their thighs and arms, and the thick nest of curls between their legs. The sizes and shapes of their cocks—not that she could complain on either front. Still, she felt a little distressed the first time she’d seen Cash completely naked was in front of another man. But her distress was short-lived when four rough-skinned male hands caressed her everywhere.

“On your hands and knees, Gem-stone.” Trevor paused and looked at Cash. “You sittin’ on the fence this go-round or are you ridin’?”

Cash smiled. A bit cockily. “Oh. I’m ridin’.”

“Good. Get on your knees at the head of the bed.”

Gemma complied, trying to slow the beating of her heart and the slight fear laced with curiosity.

“Where are you gonna be?” Cash said.

“At the foot.” Trevor’s callused fingers raked the sole of her foot. Then meandered up her calves and the backs of her thighs, tapping the inside of her legs for her to widen her stance. “Or should I say, at the rear.”

A long, wet tongue swiped up from Gemma’s pussy to her anus. She gasped, turning to see Trevor standing behind her. He said, “Suck him, while I suck you. I assume you ain’t opposed to a little ass play, since I’m gonna be in it soon?”

“No. Oh GOD.”

Then Trevor was rimming her hole with his tongue, wiggling it inside, tickling the knot of nerves while his fingers delved into her wetness and slipped higher to masterfully stroke her clit.

Hands were on her head. Cash’s cock was in her face. He growled, “Take it all.”

Gemma opened and sucked him to the root. He began to thrust into her throat. She closed her eyes and just let herself feel the hot, kinky, overwhelming sensations of animal lust, the taboo experiences she’d only dared imagine.

Trevor canted her hips, licking and sucking everywhere between her thighs, making her wet and swollen with need.

Cash tugged on her hair and said, “It’s fuckin’ sexy watchin’ my dick disappear into that hot mouth. Knowin’ what he’s doin’ to you.”

She hummed her response. The vibration sent Cash over the edge. His cock pulsed on her tongue, semen burst in her mouth and she swallowed as much as she could.

Trevor quit playing with her ass and concentrated his attention on her clit. The orgasm blindsided her—fast, intense spasms. She moaned, rocking back onto Trevor’s mouth. Even as the throbbing eased, she heard the rip of a condom package, and felt cool gel on her puckered opening.

He pressed her upper body to the mattress. “Do you know how many times I’ve jerked off, thinkin’ about rammin’ my cock up this perfect cowgirl ass?” His fingers peeled her cheeks apart. The head of his cock brushed a slick circle around the entrance and pushed past the ring of muscles in one quick movement.

Gemma stiffened up.

“Jesus. You feel like heaven, Gem.” Trevor pulled out an inch at a time and delved back in just as slowly. Over and over. Gently, but yet, knowing how far he could push for her maximum pleasure.

Cash scooted against the headboard. His hands slid under her to play with her nipples. He murmured, “You’re fine. You look beautiful, all stretched out, with your ass in the air. Givin’ him what all the cowboys on the circuit have been dreamin’ ’bout.”

She tilted her head up and locked her gaze to Cash’s. “You too?”

“Me too. I wanted to fuck you every way possible. Buried balls deep in your sassy little butt was high on my list of ways. But this?” His gaze strayed to Trevor pounding into her ass. “This never…” He closed his eyes and twisted her nipples, skating close to that edge of pain. “Touch yourself. I wanna hear you come while he’s fucking you.”

Gemma didn’t know if she could come again so soon. She found her clit and rubbed, concentrating on the feel of Cash’s fingers. The clasp of her anus around Trevor’s cock.

A small orgasm broke free and she held her breath.

Trevor said, “I have a serious thing for ass-fuckin’ but I ain’t gonna last much longer. Damn. You are hot and tight and all slicked up. Feelin’ those muscles clampingdown. Harder. Like that. Feels un-fucking-believable…shit. I’m done.” Four thrusts and Trevor threw back his head and was shuddering behind her.

Time slowed. The room was cool and humid. And quiet beneath the sounds of labored breathing. Trevor went to clean himself up and Gemma lifted her body up and looked at Cash.

His back rested against the headboard. The unbound black hair hung over his shoulders. His were legs spread in a V and his cock was soft against the mattress. He clutched a bottle of water. Without opening his eyes, he said, “Want some?”


As she drank a few drops spilled onto his smooth, hairless chest. She watched as the droplets slowly slid down the curved muscles of his pecs. Her tongue darted out and lapped. Mmm. Wet and salty.


“I never get to see you,” she whispered, lest Trevor hear. “Let me look.” His nipples were a deep brown, a complement to the reddish-tan skin surrounding them. Her fingers traced the puckered scars, old white ones and new pink ones, bisecting his ribs and upper abdomen. His lower belly had a slight pudge, which Gemma found unbelievably sexy.

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