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Macie shrieked.

Then he shaped and squeezed her left breast, sucking her right nipple until it felt like her whole breast was in his hot mouth. He sucked and groaned against her skin while he let the vibrator rest directly on her clit.

She’d be lucky if she lasted a minute.

Or thirty seconds.

She gyrated her hips, arching her spine, wanting him to suck her harder until her nipple hit the back of his throat.

Carter moved his mouth and the vibrator away.

“Hey, don’t stop!”

“I’m not. Scoot back.”

She did and he slid his butt toward the dash.

“You ain’t gonna last long. I wanna be ready to slide deep.” Carter brushed soft kisses over the tops of her breasts and he repositioned the vibrator right where she needed it.

Macie threw back her head and moaned.

“Come for me, darlin’.”

Four strokes, four sucks, that’s all it took.

She exploded.

Carter bit down on her nipple as her clit pulsed against the soft rubber. Before she could find her sanity, Carter’s mouth was on hers and he’d impaled her, even as her pussy still throbbed from the tail end of her orgasm.

“Jesus, Macie. You are so wet.”

“It’s your fault. The way you touch me, the way you look at me. You make me wet.”

“I ain’t complainin’, knowin’ I can heat you up.”

“Oh GOD that feels good.”

“Come again for me. I like watchin’ you come.”

Another orgasm ruptured inside her.

Carter rammed in and out, each thrust deeper. Harder. Prolonging her climax until she couldn’t breathe and white dots appeared in front of her eyes.

The sound of skin slapping on skin drifted far away. Was she having an out of body experience? Or was this just another damn dream?

Pinch yourself.

But she couldn’t move. Her arms shook. Her legs were numb. She was sweating. She was on fire. Goosebumps broke out across her flesh. She was chilled to the bone. Her head was full of white fluffy cotton and then everything was fading to black.

All movement quit. Even the sweet stroking of Carter’s velvety tongue against hers.

He broke the kiss completely. She tried to chase his mouth for more of his intoxicating taste, but ended up smacking her face into his chin.

“Macie? Darlin’? What’s wrong?”

“I think I’m gonna pass out.”

“Shit. Hold on.”

“Okay. I am.”

“Let me pull out—”

“No. Don’t move.”

“I should—”


“I’m here.”

“Don’t. Move.”


“Just hold me.”

“No, baby, we need to stop.”

“It’s okay.”

“I can’t believe—”

“Please. It’ll pass.”

He didn’t say a word.

“Just give me…a minute.”

“Take however long you need.”

Finally, sanity began to reassert itself. After her head quit spinning, Macie became aware of several things. Carter’s cock was still rock hard, still seated fully inside her. His skin was damp. His short, broken breaths stirred her hair. His pulse pounded against her chest. His body was going haywire with the need to finish this frenzied mating, yet, he held her in utter stillness.

With gentleness. With protection. With…care.

Crap. That felt a whole lot scarier than passing out.

This man was so dangerous to her heart.

Slowly she lifted her head. Smiled at him. “Whoa. That’s the first time I’ve nearly passed out from an orgasm.”

“Two orgasms. That’s the first time my spectacular love makin’ has nearly caused a woman to pass out.” He kissed her clammy forehead and whispered, “You really okay?”

“Yeah. But can we take it slow from here on out?”

“You don’t want to quit?”

“No, I don’t want to quit.” She rubbed her cheek against the stubble on his jaw. “I want you to finish the rest of your spectacular love makin’.”


Still, he didn’t budge. For what seemed like an hour.

Macie sighed. “You afraid to ride the horse that threw you, Daring McKay?”

“Hell yes. I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Fine.” She slid her hands down to his shoulders, dug her nails in and lifted until only the very tip of his cock remained inside her. “I’ll hurt you. I’ll make it hurt so good.” Then she lowered back down.


“I dare you, Carter.” She locked her gaze on his wild blue eyes as she rode him.

“Fuck me. I won’t break.”

“You are a crazy woman. Fine. You win. I ain’t got a lot of willpower left anyway.”

He cradled her face in his hands and kissed her with such gentleness, she wanted to weep.

They created a steady, slow rhythm. The windows fogged over. The air was heavy, a sultry scent of sex and moist heat.

Macie felt her need for release rebuild, but Carter didn’t hurry to get her there like he did before.

He reached between them. Shifted his position slightly. Then his wide, hot palms slid down around her back until he had a butt cheek in each hand. His fingers squeezed her ass as he steadily pumped into her pussy. His thumbs swept closer and closer to her butt crack.

Just the pad of his thumb brushed the tightly puckered opening. She went rigid.

Several seconds passed before he did it again. The third time his thumb stayed right there, and drew wet circles over that sensitive knot of nerves.

Carter placed his mouth on her ear. “I want you here.”

Macie swallowed hard.

“Ever had a man in your ass, darlin’?”


He growled. “That’ll make me the first.”


“When I fuck you here,” he slipped just the tip of his thumb past the muscled ring and her breath hitched, “it’ll be without a condom. So you can feel me comin’ inside you.

Heatin’ you up where no other man has ever been before.”

Her head began to buzz again.

Wait. The buzzing sound got louder. Then she felt it. Carter pressed the pointed end of the vibrator against her anus. She couldn’t help it; she clenched.


“Relax. This piece of plastic ain’t gonna be the first thing you feel up this virgin ass.

I’m just messin’ around. Primin’ the pump, so to speak. How does that feel? Raunchy?”


“Dirty girl. I like you dirty. Raunchy. Nasty. My dirty raunchy nasty muse.”

He managed to hold the vibrator against her even as he thrust into her pussy with steady sure strokes.

He groaned. “Shit. That buzzin’ feels good on my balls. No wonder you like that damn thing so much and have it handy. Hang tight. Christ, Macie. I never thought I’d—”

He bucked, grunted and started to come.

Macie canted her hips, grinding her clit against his pubic bone. He pumped hard and accidentally pushed the vibrator in a bit further, just deep enough to send a shock wave of pleasure cascading through her and setting off her third orgasm.

Utterly spent, she slumped against him as he slumped against the seat.

Neither one spoke for a long time.

Finally, she said, “Maybe I was wrong.”


“Maybe you can break me.”

He chuckled. “Or maybe, you’ll be the one to break me, darlin’.”

She shook off the sense of unease. “I need to get some sleep, Carter.”

“Come home with me.”

“I said sleep. We don’t seem to do a whole lot of that when we’re in a bed. Or in an SUV, apparently.”

“If I let you go home tonight, will you come by when you’re done workingtomorrow?”

“Maybe. Dad said something about taking me riding after supper.”

“That don’t take all damn night, does it?”

“No. Why?”

“’Cause I gotta burn some brush piles. I’d sure like to study your face in the firelight.

I’ll bet the shadows and angles and color are amazin’ on your bone structure.”

“So if I come by to see you, you’d be working?”

He paused and she sensed his struggle to say the right thing.


“Yeah, I’d be workin’. But it doesn’t seem like work when you’re the subject.” He slapped her butt. “You need to get on home. We’ll talk more about this tomorrow.”

They dressed separately and silently. He kissed her hastily and she watched his red taillights disappear down the gravel road.

Why did she feel the overwhelming urge to cry?

Macie blamed it on the damn hormones and headed home.

Chapter Nineteen

“You so totally did not nail her.”

“I did too.”

“Miss Montana?” Carter said skeptically.

“No, Miss Rodeo Montana.”

“Right. Maybe a rodeo goat named Montana, but a rodeo queen? Come on, Colt, you’re full of shit.”

“No, I ain’t.”

“So when did you polish Miss Montana’s crown, stud?”

“Last weekend. After the Jackson County Rodeo dance.”

Dance. Never catch him at a damn dance. Carter dabbed cerulean on the canvas and dragged his brush through it before he shifted the receiver. “Where?”

“In Elk City.”

“That’s where your dreams are takin’ place now? Elk City?”

“Asshole. No. I was in Kane’s horse trailer in Elk City, Montana.”

“Ah. So Kane was there when you rode Miss Montana hard and put her up wet? He can back you up on this tall tale?”

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