Rode Hard, Put Up Wet Page 19

She squirmed.

“And now seein’ you so upset, knowin’ it’s my fault. It’s killin’ me. Please. Let me make it right.”

“You can’t.”

“Let me try.”

Macie didn’t move.

When he eased up, she finally looked in those blue, blue eyes. She lost her will to fight when she witnessed the misery on his face.

“I’m an asshole sometimes.”

She nodded.

“But I’d never do anything to intentionally hurt you. You have to know I ain’t that kinda man.”

“What kind of man are you, Carter?”

“A sorry son of a bitch right about now.”

Rain fell as they studied each other.

“I wasn’t spying on you.”

“On some level I know that. But I’m so used to keepin’ people away from my work until it’s finished. I force everyone away from me when I’m workin’ because I’m not always nice. When I saw you standin’ there, starin’ at my piece of shit work in progress… But it ain’t your fault. Sorry I lashed out at you.”

“I wasn’t staring at what you were working on, I was staring at you.” Crap. That hadn’t come out right. “What I meant was—”

“I see in your eyes exactly what you meant.”

The gray clouds above them clashed like cymbals. Before she had a chance to scream, Carter slanted his mouth over hers and kissed her.

And kissed her.

And kissed her some more, until he’d thoroughly scrambled her brain to anything beyond the way he tasted and the sexy sounds he made as his mouth dominated hers.

“Macie,” he mumbled against her damp cheek. “God, Macie. Let me have you. All of you.” He released her wrists and levered himself over her, trailing his lips down her throat. When he reached her chest, he yanked the stretchy bodice of her dress aside and his warm mouth engulfed her breast.

“Oh. Man. No fair,” she whispered.

Carter rolled to his side, taking her with him. Mud splattered his face. He flicked his tongue over the tip of her nipple while his other hand kneaded her left breast. “Goddamn you’re perfect. Just like I knew you’d be.” His gaze hooked hers. He vigorously sucked her left nipple through the wet fabric until she couldn’t lie still but wiggled like a worm.


“I want you like this. Right now. Wet. Raw. Dirty.”

“Yes. Oh. Yes.”

He returned to her mouth, kissing her stupid. She felt him sliding her sodden, mud-caked dress up her trembling thighs. When it was bunched around her waist, he knelt between her legs. He pulled aside her thong and fingered her where she was slick.

“Lift up.” He tapped her butt. In the split second she raised her hips, he grabbed her thighs to slide her closer to his torso and draped her knees over his shoulders.

Carter raised her ass high in his hands at an angle as he buried his face in her pussy.

“Omigod.” The only parts of her still touching the ground were her shoulder blades and the back of her head.

“Hold still. Jesus, let me have more than a taste before I drop you.” He licked up her slit. Alternating the flat of his tongue with just the flickering tip. Then he fastened his mouth to her clit and began to suck. When her whole body shook, he slapped her ass and growled, “Hold still, goddammit. I’ve been dyin’ to get my mouth on you.”

“But your mouth is so hot.”


“And I’m already so close.”

“I know. Next time I’ll make you wait. I might even tie you up and make you beg.

Lord, you are so warm and sweet…” He suckled her pussy lips and scraped his teeth over her clit.

She gasped. “Oh. You’re good at that.”

He grunted but didn’t stop licking. Sucking. Driving her to the brink of insanity.

Rain poured down on them. She’d probably feel cold if her body wasn’t on fire.

Heck, she was so hot her clothes were steaming.

The sky rumbled a warning.

For the first time in several minutes Macie realized they were out in the open in the thick of a thunder and rainstorm.

Carter sensed the moment she froze up. “Look at me, not the sky. Think about how crazy it’s makin’ me to taste you. Think about how hard I’m gonna fuck you right after you come all over my face. It’s right there, darlin’, take it.” He did some different nibbling thing on her clit that made her hips buck like she was riding a wild bronc.

He didn’t move his mouth when he growled at her, and the buzzing sensation of his lips on her clit set her off.

“Oh. Like that. Don’t stop. Please. Yes!” She screamed as the orgasm hit, as thunder exploded above her, reverberated inside her and she felt as if a thousand bolts of lightning struck her body.

Carter didn’t remove his lips or his tongue or his hands from her throbbing sex until she twitched one last time. Her legs became boneless and slipped from his shoulders.

Hot, open-mouthed kisses seared the cool skin on her thighs, rousing her. Making her arch into his body and he kissed his way to her throat.


“Please, Carter. More. All. Give me all of you.”

His breath tickled her ear. “Shit. I don’t have a condom—”

“Where are they?”


Macie rolled and stood. She grabbed his hand and tugged until he was on his feet.

“Hurry. What the hell are you waiting for?”

Chapter Fourteen

Carter stared at Macie, his eyes eating up the frantic, sexy look on her face as the little spitfire attempted to drag all two hundred pounds of him through the mud.

So she could fuck him.



Too late.

She’d already blown his mind.

He grinned, hefted Macie over his shoulder amidst her surprised shrieks and raced to the trailer, his bare feet skidding through the muck.

Once he had the door open, he set her down and clamped his mouth over hers.

Ripping off the tattered, muddy remains of her flimsy cotton dress, he pushed her back toward his bed.

Then she was naked. She untied the drawstring on his sweatpants and then he was naked. He groaned and filled his hands with her tits. Her ass. Her hips. He pulled her hair back so he could ravage her throat without obstruction.

“Condom,” she said hoarsely.

Carter bit her shoulder, then followed a wayward rivulet of water between her breasts with his tongue.


“Yeah? Damn, you taste good everywhere.”

“We need a condom.”

His fingertip traced the upper swell of her breast, as he watched, transfixed by the color of her skin tone. “You’re so pretty here. Delicate, but sexy. I don’t know if I’m talented enough that will come through.”

“Are the condoms in the bathroom?”

“No.” His dick stayed stuck against his belly and he grunted with pain as he bent forward and placed his mouth against the hollow of her throat. “I want to kiss every spot where I can see your pulse poundin’. I know where my favorite spot to feel throbbing against my tongue is.”

Macie grabbed his hair and yanked his head back to meet the fire flashing in her eyes. “Find. A. Condom. Right. Now.”

Carter rubbed his cheek over her mouth to hide his laugh. He kissed her. Very softly.

Very sweetly. He kissed her mostly to hear her frustrated groan rumbling over his lips because she wanted more.

Without warning, he intensified the kiss, heating her up so she squirmed and rubbed her mound over his thigh. He sucked on her tongue, then sank his teeth into her full bottom lip. When she gasped at the hint of pain, he licked the warm, wet cavern of her mouth like he’d licked her pussy. Grinding his cock into the cradle of her thighs, he reached for the unopened box of condoms on the dresser and tore the plastic packaging off with shaking fingers.

She broke away to drag kisses down his chest. “You have the most lickable pecs and abs and you haven’t let me touch you.”

“Do whatever you want. You don’t even hafta ask.”

He hissed when the very tip of her tongue lapped circles around his nipple. His cock jerked, reminding him of the box he was crushing in his hand. Damn factories, over packaging everything. He used his teeth to rip the seal on the cardboard box and had extracted a single foil-wrapped condom, when a hot, wet hungry mouth enclosed his dick.

“Christ, Macie, give me a heart attack why doncha?”

“Do you want me—” she sucked him deep and didn’t release him until he yelped,

“—to stop?”

“No. Yes. Jesus, woman, wait!” Carter lifted her off her knees and gently tossed her on the bed.

He already had the condom on as he settled between her legs. He spread her thighs wide to watch the alignment of his cock and he slammed to the root on the first push.

She bowed and gasped his name.

Carter closed his eyes briefly to savor being buried in his sweet, sexy, fierce Macie.

His body urged him on—hell, he wanted to fuck her raw. But they’d only have one first time, and he wouldn’t blow it for either of them because of sexual greed—hers or his.


He let his body shadow hers as he looked into her eyes.

“Is everything okay? You stopped.”

“It’s perfect. You’re beautiful.” He brushed his lips across her mouth. “You’re my beautiful, perfect muse.”

“Please. I don’t need sweet—”

“Oh, it ain’t gonna be sweet. Give me your hands.”

Macie smoothed her palms down his arms to his wrists. He threaded their fingers together and slid their joined hands up above her head.

Her breath caught as she bore his full weight and he pressed her deeper into the mattress.

Carter kissed her, grinding his pelvis side to side over her clit, feeling cocky about the way her pussy muscles clenched to keep his hardened sex inside her. Then he released her hands and curled her fingers around the metal bars on the headboard.

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