One Lucky Vampire Page 41

“Rodolfo who?”

Jake blinked in surprise and peered into her eyes, relaxing when he saw the laughter there. He opened his mouth, but whatever he’d been going to say, died on a hiss as her hand closed around his erection.

“Jake?” she whispered.

“Yes?” he got out through ground teeth as her hand moved over him.

“Please, shut up and make love to me now.”

“God I love you,” he growled and lowered his mouth to claim hers even as he shifted out of her hold to claim her body. He did love this woman, Jake acknowledged as Nicole moaned and arched into his thrusts. The grim future he’d envisioned since waking up to find himself an immortal suddenly rolled out before him a much brighter, happier one . . . and much longer too.

In fact, it seemed now like his being stabbed had been a gift. Jake never would have been turned by Vincent, and then wouldn’t have run away and met Nicole without it. He’d have worked out his sunset years as the daytime VP at V.A. Inc., a bitter old mortal, resenting everyone around him. But now? Now he had Nicole, and she was everything he could have ever wanted. The future looked bright, and he was one hell of a lucky vampire.