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He slowed his movements a bit and withdrew the arm from around her waist. She had to brace to keep from collapsing onto her stomach but she heard his quick intake of breath and turned her head. He had bitten into his wrist and it was suddenly in front of her. She knew what he expected of her and she was happy to do it. It took effort to keep her balance while grabbing hold of his arm and pulling it to her mouth.

The craving to taste his blood wasn’t a shifter trait she’d inherited but it would help seal their bond. It was a form of acceptance. He fucked her faster as she sucked on his wrist. It seemed to excite him more. Brand howled as he started to come so hard she could feel his semen marking her within her body. His hips bucked as he drove into her deeply and stayed there, grinding against her ass in sharp jerks with every hot blast of his release that filled her. He snarled as he dropped his head. She tilted hers to the side to bare her shoulder, to give him what she knew he wanted.

His fangs scraped the soft part of her shoulder. His tongue darted out to wet the area before he bit down. Sharp teeth pierced her skin and the pleasure and pain blurred as she came again, her vaginal muscles clamping around his cock. He bit her harder until his jaw locked while he marked her with his bite and saliva. She released his wrist and he hugged her around her waist again.

Time blurred and she was grateful he held her so securely, sure she’d collapse under him if it weren’t for his arm supporting her. He adjusted his body a little, pulled them up slowly but refused to unlock his jaw, which still imprisoned her shoulder. He sat back on his legs, kept their bodies connected with his cock buried inside her pussy as he lifted her onto his lap and sat up straight. He hugged her against his chest. She leaned back to press firmly against the solid wall of his body and her hands lifted and curved around the tops of his shoulders to help him keep her in place.

The feel of his teeth embedded in her flesh started to ache as the sex haze faded but she didn’t complain. She knew why he did it. He wanted to mark her well, make her take as much of him as possible while his saliva was introduced into her bloodstream, to be certain their mating took hold. She rubbed his shoulders, caressed him, to silently convey that she was okay. She couldn’t speak, still too out of breath from what they’d done to form words.

He finally withdrew his fangs and licked at the blood that welled up from his bite marks. His hot tongue soothed away the pain. He nuzzled her head.

“I love you, Charma,” he rasped against her skin. “You’re mine, hon. Forever.”

“Forever,” she agreed.

Brand breathed deeply. She knew he breathed in her scent and she smelled like him now, was totally his. There would be no lingering traces of the male who’d once claimed her.

“I didn’t hurt you?”

She smiled. “That was amazing.”

He hugged her closer and she felt his cock stiffen inside her, grow thicker, and she wiggled her ass on his lap. He groaned and his arms adjusted until he cupped her breasts in both his big palms. He slid her taut nipples between his fingers and thumbs, gave them a pinch, and she moaned.

“Tell me no,” he groaned, his head turning as his lips brushed kisses over the sensitive skin of her neck. “Otherwise I’m going to fuck you for hours. Years. Decades. God, I missed you.”

She lifted off his cock and he growled in protest but released her. She turned on her knees to stare at him and saw the hungry look he gave her. She’d missed him too. He looked so incredibly sexy and so hers. She didn’t hesitate to climb on his lap facing him and used his broad shoulders to brace with one hand while her other lowered to grip his cock.

He groaned and closed his eyes.

“You are bigger.” She leaned forward to lick the skin beside his nipple. Her teeth nipped him. His cock jerked in response and seemed to harden even more in her hand. “Sexier. So hot, baby.”

She aligned the crown of his shaft under her and sank down. She purred as his cock filled her, adjusting her legs to wrap around his hips and gripped his shoulders with both hands. She used her hold on him to lift up and drop down on his cock. Brand snarled in response and his hands cupped her ass. He squeezed both cheeks and pulled her against his hips.

His head lowered, black eyes opened, and he rose to his knees. Brand moved them, holding her wrapped around him, until the padded headboard bumped her back.

“Ride me. God, I love it when you do.”

She smiled as he released her ass and clung to the top of the headboard to brace his body. Her arms wrapped around his neck, rested over the top of his shoulders, and she used her thighs, locked around his hips, to slowly slide against his chest, her butt moving up and down, riding his cock. She purred louder while kissing his throat, jaw, and finally his mouth.

She avoided his fangs as their tongues met. He growled when his knees shifted a little under them where he held their weight and his hips bucked up, driving his cock into her deeper. She tore her mouth from his to avoid biting. She did that to his throat instead, her teeth closing on the spot she remembered he most loved to be nipped.

Hair broke out over his skin where her hands touched and she knew he was losing control. She didn’t care. He’d never totally shift on her. She never minded when he lost some of his skin, appreciated being able to turn him on that much, and she’d half expected it when he’d slammed her back against the padded headboard. His hands released the top of it to grab her ass instead. He wildly fucked her, rough and deep.

The headboard slammed against the wall, their breathing turned harsh and she bit him harder, drawing a little blood, even with her flat teeth, and helping seal the bond. She wished she were in heat. Some fangs and claws would really send him over the edge. The climax tore through her and Brand growled loudly as he came too. Her muscles twitched strongly around his driving cock.

They stilled, panting, and Charma licked at the wound she’d inflicted, marking him as her own. This time she wouldn’t feel guilt if she scarred him. He was her mate and he’d never have to explain to another female about who had put scars on him.

“Mine,” she whispered against his skin.

“Fuck yes,” Brand rasped. “I’m all yours.”

The door to the bedroom exploded open and Brand snarled. His head whipped around to face the intruder. His entire body tensed, preparing to attack to protect his mate. He glared at his cousin who stood in the open doorway. Braden wore jeans, nothing else, and was out of breath.

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