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Charma centered her body on his bedspread and stretched out on her back. She moved her hair out of the way by shoving it into a damp pile above her head. Her feet pressed against the bed to angle her hips just enough to ensure what he’d see when he opened that door. She spread her knees wide.

Her gaze remained on the bathroom door as she inserted a finger into her mouth, wet the tip and let her palm trail down her body. It slid between her breasts, over her stomach, to her pussy. She needed to be turned-on. He’d always gone insane when he’d picked up her scent when she was in need of sex.

A mischievous grin curved her lips as she thought back to the past to help her get in the mood.

She pressed her fingertip against her clit and rubbed small circles. Just thinking about Brand made her nipples hard. She held her breath to suppress the sound of pleasure as the slow press of her finger ignited her body, making it warm and tingly.

Memories of the first time she’d gone to bed with Brand drifted through her thoughts. They’d dated for over a month before she’d known the time was right. She’d fallen in love with him and figured he felt the same since he never pressured her for sex. She’d been terrified her she-cat instincts would react to him being a werewolf…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Let’s go camping.”

He gaped at her. “What?”

“You know the woods where we run when you shift? Why don’t we take a tent and sleep out there for a night?”

He frowned.

“Don’t tell me you’re grown too soft, sleeping in beds here at the college.”

The insulted expression on his face had been amusing. “Of course not. I love roughing it.”

The muscles of her lower belly clenched as an image of Brand tearing her out of her clothes flashed. She bet he would do that. “So let’s do that tonight. We don’t have classes tomorrow. It’s midweek so nobody should be out there.”

Brand braced his hands on his hips and studied her a bit too closely. “It’s a bad idea.”

“Why? Do you think it will be too cold?”

He sighed and let his hands drop to his sides. “I wouldn’t trust myself all night with you.”

She grinned. “Good. You bring the tent and blankets. I’ll bring the food. We’ll probably need a lantern too. My night vision isn’t as good as yours and I want to see everything in that tent.”

He moved fast, gripping her hips. “What does that mean?”

She took a deep breath for courage. “I’ve never done this before but here goes. I want you. I know you want me. I think it’s safer for both of us if we don’t go to your place or mine where we could be overheard. You get growly when we kiss and I start purring. They’ll think we’re into weird fetishes if we’re loud.”

Brand’s complexion paled. “You’re a virgin?”

“No. I told you I had a boyfriend for a short time. I meant I’ve never had to be the one to make the first move. I’m talking about sex. As in, I want to have it with you.”

“Thank god.”

“Are you that happy that I’m suggesting we finally go to bed together or that I’m not a virgin?”

“Both.” Brand grinned. “I’ve been killing myself being patient because I know I scare you a bit but the idea of being your first terrified me.”


“It’s always painful for women and I don’t ever want to hurt you, hon.”

She knew at that moment that she’d made the right choice. “Camping tonight then.”


“And bring a lantern.” She raked her gaze over his chest. “I don’t want to miss a thing. I’ve tried to imagine you naked but I have a feeling the real thing is going to be better.”

“I think that’s my line.”

They gathered everything they needed for their getaway and set off for a romantic tryst in the woods.

Brand took things leisurely enough to drive her crazy as he stripped her bare and explored every inch he exposed. It turned her on, the way he growled as he brushed kisses over her lower stomach and spread her thighs to get access to her pussy.

“I plan to eat you alive.”

She didn’t laugh, was too turned-on to do more than pant. “I hurt for you,” she admitted.

Brand had an amazing mouth and the things he could do with it made her grateful they were miles away from civilization. She cried out loudly when he made her come twice before easing up her body and penetrating her. The sensation of him filling her was something she’d never forget. Brand took his time to help her adjust to his size. He used slow, shallow thrusts to fit his thick cock snugly inside her body. He stared into her eyes when he was all the way inside and told her how beautiful she was to him.

“Move,” she pleaded.

“I don’t ever want to forget this moment,” he whispered.

“We won’t,” she swore, wrapping her legs higher around his waist and wiggling. “Kiss me.”

“I’d do anything for you.”

He kissed her then until she was wild beneath him, bucking her hips and clawing his back. It was nearly torture, having him inside her but not moving. She wanted him to thrust, in the worst way.

“Please,” she rasped.

He shifted over her, using his arms to brace his weight and cage her under him at the same time. “You’re so damn tight. Am I hurting you?”

“Only if you don’t move.”

“There’s no going back, Charma. You’re mine now.”

In a sudden frenzy, he took her. Only her and Brand existed. Passionate kisses and his body taught her the meaning of being loved until she climaxed a third time. She didn’t even care when he tore his mouth away from hers to grip her neck with his teeth. No fear surfaced as those sharp fangs raked her tender skin. He didn’t bite down but instead muffled a loud groan as he came seconds later.

He made love to her all night. As dawn broke he pulled her close and she knew she belonged in his arms forever…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Charma pushed away the memories when tears filled her eyes. She’d stopped touching herself and some of her passion had cooled. She’d been young back then and foolish. She’d hoped Garrett would change his mind about forcing her to be his mate. “Out of sight, out of mind” had been the motto she prayed he’d take to heart. She had everything to lose otherwise. Brand.

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