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Shock soon gave way to sheer delight as his talented mouth moved over mine. I sighed and his tongue slipped past my lips and tangled gently with mine. My fingers curled around his T-shirt as the taste and smell of him overwhelmed me. My skin was hot from the deep, wet kiss, and my body screamed “wow!”

Who knew a kiss could be like that?

The whooping and whistling finally wrenched me out of my fog and I remembered with burning cheeks that there were still kids in the classroom. I pushed gently against Jake and he released me, our faces close as we fought to catch our breath. He squeezed my neck again and grinned at me. “Epic.”

I laughed, embarrassed but thrilled. He didn’t need to know that though. “Cheesy.”


“Okay, that’s enough.” Mrs. Tate came into my eyeline and I flushed harder. “Jake, let Charley go.”

I blinked at her use of my nickname but as Jake moved away, I saw that he had caused a miracle. Mrs. Tate was fighting a smile. She thought he was charming.

With no more show, the students slowly filtered out of the class. Jake pulled on his backpack and held out a hand to me, a cocky smile wide across his face. “Coming?”

I took his hand.

“Jacob, if you kiss another student in my class again, I will give you detention,” Mrs. Tate warned softly, her lips curled up at the corner.

Jake pulled me closer as we walked by her. “Won’t happen again, Mrs. T.”

Mrs. T? It was decided. Jacob Caplin could probably get away with murder.

Out in the hall, I could see news had traveled fast about Jake’s little classroom exhibition. All eyes were on us as he walked me to my locker. Before I could open it, Jake maneuvered me so I had my back to it and he leaned into me, his arms above my head, caging me in.

“So our first kiss was very, very public,” I murmured, unable to tear my eyes from his warm ones.

Jake smiled. “I told you I’d do it when you least expected it.”

“I am going to take your promises a lot more seriously from now on.”

“Good.” He touched his mouth to mine, a shivery brush that had the same effect as his deep one had. My breathing shallowed and I felt a whole lot of lusty thoughts that I wished I wasn’t feeling in public. I was so glad I wasn’t a dude.

“Hey, Jake!”

Without moving his body, Jake twisted his head over his shoulder at Amanda Reyes. She’d stopped beside us, even though our body language made it clear we were having a private moment. Amanda was in my class but we’d never been close friends. She didn’t really have a group of friends, more like acquaintances. She was quiet usually, so her stopping to talk to Jake, her cheeks flushed bright at the sight of him, should’ve been a surprise. But it wasn’t. Anytime she passed us, she said hi to him.

“Hey.” Jake nodded back and then instantly turned to me, the polite indifference in his expression melting as his eyes roamed my face.

I watched Amanda’s shoulders slump as she walked away.

My focus returned to Jake as his mouth lowered toward mine again. “She has a thing for you.”

“All I care about is that you have a thing for me,” Jake whispered against my lips.

I chuckled but as he pressed his whole body closer to mine, my smile died and I found myself uttering thickly, “I might have a thing for you.”

His groan vibrated down my throat as he kissed me and then reluctantly pulled back. He pushed away and stared down at me, a frown between his brows. “Shit. Now I’m addicted.” He took a step away and I laughed.

“Are you running away from me?”

He leaned in a little so only I’d hear. “It’s either that or I walk around with a permanent …” His eyes flickered down and my gaze followed to his crotch. I made a face as I got his meaning and turned away to open my locker.

“You’re filthy,” I told him halfheartedly.

His hand appeared on my locker, the heat of his chest searing into my back, and I shivered again as his lips brushed my ear. “You love it.”

And then he was gone and I was left hyperventilating against my locker.

After a few moments, I managed to pull myself together. I’d just switched out my books when I turned and crashed into Brett.


Brett stared at me, his features taut, his eyes hard. It was not a good look on him, but it was a familiar one. “He’s playing with you.”

Knowing exactly what this was, I sighed heavily and walked around him. Unfortunately, Brett fell into step beside me as I strode down the hall toward my next class.

“He’s slept with every girl in our class, Charley. He’s just using you.”

“Well, that’s a gross exaggeration,” I replied dryly. “I assure you it’s only half.”

“You think this is a joke,” Brett snapped. “This guy is going to seriously hurt you.”

I turned around and started walking backward away from him. “I’m Supergirl, remember? I don’t get hurt.”

His face screwed up. “You’re acting like a slut and an idiot.”

“And you’re an ass**le,” I replied cheerily and spun around, ignoring my gossiping classmates as I headed for class.

As soon as I took my seat, my cell buzzed and I looked at it as everyone settled in. It was from Jake.

You called Brett an ass**le? Everything okay?

Jeez, news really did travel fast in this school. Dude killed my erection. I retaliated. Xoxo

Ten seconds later: LMAO. And two seconds after that: I’m so into you.

I smiled, probably looking like the idiot Brett had just accused me of being. Good xoxo

Chapter Seven

“Who? What? Who? How?” Andie’s hazel eyes, identical to mine, were wide as she stared into the camera.

That was pretty much the reaction I’d been expecting when I told her via Skype that Jake was in Edinburgh.

“You heard me,” I replied, gazing past her to her office. Light spilled in from a window somewhere, reminding me I was five hours ahead. It was almost midnight in Scotland but Andie was always so busy with grad school and her internship that we could only talk on her schedule. I didn’t mind. I really wanted to talk to her.

“Jake, your ex-boyfriend Jake? The Jake who knew that you were always planning to spend your third year studying abroad at the University of Edinburgh?”

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