Devil May Cry PROLOGUE


Some say it's a poison that infiltrates the soul and strip s it bare.

That its path only destroys the one who treads it.

But to others, it's mother's milk. It nourishes and thrives-gives them a reason to survive when they have nothing more to hold them to this world.

This is the story of one such creature. Born a god in the time before mankind even recorded their meager history, Sin, also called Nana, was the one who ruled the known universe. His pantheon was supreme and all around him paid homage.

And then the day came when other gods rose to challenge him.

For centuries he fought the bloody war, and he would have been victorious had one act of treachery not robbed him of his godhood.

Stripped of his cabalistic powers, he was left to walk in the world of man as one of them and as something else. Something dark. Cold. Lethal.

But the game isn't over. Defeat does nothing but feed the part of the soul that demands a rematch. So long as there is life, there is hope. And so long as there is hope, there is determination.

And the need for vengeance that ever treads by the side of the defeated.

For centuries the ancient god has bided his time, knowing that his enemy's complacency and arrogance would bring her back into his circle.

Now the day of reckoning lies within his grasp...