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  “We probably shouldn’t—” She broke off on a moan when he bunched up her skirt and slid a hand between her legs. “Um…well, maybe.”

  “Oh, yeah,” he murmured roughly, slipping her panties aside to sink a finger into her. Then another. “You’re already wet.” His thumb spread that wetness around while his fingers stroked her until her vision faded.


  “I’ll buy you a new pair, I promise.” Then he tore the flimsy scrap of material away from her and tossed it over his shoulder.

  It landed on his desk lamp.

  “Jacob—” she choked, but then his fingers were back inside her, his thumb teasing her sensitive nub with little slippery passes while his mouth found her breast again. “Oh,” she whispered, unable to form words.

  “I know.” With his fingers driving her to bliss, she wrapped her arms around his neck and held on for dear life as he took her to orgasm in less than sixty seconds.

  “Again,” he demanded. He dropped to his knees. With wicked intent, he looked up at her, then stuck his head beneath her skirt. Holding her open with his fingers, he used his tongue to drive her right out of her mind.

  Gasping, crying, she fell back against the window, her fingers digging into the wood sill as he took her to heaven and back.

  And then again. “Jacob.”

  “One more.”

  “I can’t—” But then he did something fantastically clever with his tongue and lightly clamped his teeth over her, as well, adding his fingers to the mix, and she completely and utterly lost it.

  She came back to herself at the sound of the condom packet being ripped open. “My God.”

  “There’s more.” He spit out the corner of the packet and rolled the condom down his length. “Hold on to me,” he commanded. His skin was hot and damp, the muscles beneath hard and trembling.


  His gaze went to hers.

  Her breathing was still ragged, but she had to say it. “This isn’t…a normal everyday thing.” She opened his shirt, ran her hand down his mouthwatering torso to wrap her fingers around his erection, gliding him against her. “Not for me.”

  He squeezed his eyes shut, gritting his teeth. “Em—”

  “It isn’t,” she repeated in a shaky voice, and let him inside her, just an inch. “This is different, this is us…” Her body was still pulsing with pleasure, making talking difficult, but she forced it out. “This is us making it different.”

  He let out a ragged groan, his face a mask of pleasured pain, the cords in his neck standing out in bold relief, the muscles in his shoulders and arms as he held her so tense they quivered.

  “Say it,” she breathed, unable to tear her eyes off him.

  “Christ. Yes. Yes, it’s different with you.” At that, he gripped her hips and thrust powerfully, sinking into her to the hilt, stretching and filling her, an action that ripped a helpless cry from her and a low groan from him.

  Putting his forehead to hers, he panted for breath. “Wrap your legs around me. There. There.” Using the sill as leverage, he thrust into her again and again, leaving her gasping for air, unable to say anything else, which she was certain he did on purpose, but with him filling her, sinking into her with each stroke so fully, so deeply, she didn’t care. And with a helpless cry, she came again. He followed her this time, pulsing hard within her, his big body shuddering.

  She held on to him through it, clinging, eyes closed, face pressed against his throat, her body absorbing the intimacy, the embrace, the closeness, never wanting it to end.

  And he let her cuddle, the most endearing thing he’d ever done, holding her tight to him for a long time, as if maybe he didn’t want the interlude to end any more than she did.

  “And it’s two,” she whispered.


  “Yeah.” She smiled when she felt him kiss her neck. “You owe me two pairs of panties.”

  JACOB GUIDED Em into the private bathroom attached to his office where he soaped her up in his shower, then dried her off before helping her back into her clothes.

  And all the while he wondered when she was going to say or do something to ruin the glow.

  But she didn’t say a word as she walked to his office door.

  And in the end, it was he who couldn’t keep quiet. “Em.”

  “I know.” Turning to face him, she shot him a brave smile. “Don’t worry, I know.”

  “Know what?”

  “That even though what we shared was different for both of us, it’s going nowhere.”

  Right. It wasn’t. It couldn’t. But just looking at her made his body twitch and his heart ache.

  He still couldn’t get enough, and more than that, he knew he might never get enough.

  With one last smile, so sad it tore right through his heart, she patted his shoulder—comforting him!—and went out the door.


  EM AND LIZA SAT in the lobby, on a corner couch, going over options. There weren’t many. It didn’t help that in spite of the shower in Jacob’s office she could still smell him on her.

  His shampoo, his soap…And it was orgasmically good.

  Certainly the sex in his office had been.

  She’d never come like that in her life, and she knew enough to be sure that she never would with another man.

  He was it.

  He was “the one.”

  After a lifetime of toads, she’d found her prince.

  Not that he’d welcome her realization.

  “Okay, speak.”

  Em blinked at Liza. “What?”

  “I keep losing you to whatever thoughts are making you alternately grin like an idiot, or look as if your dog just died.”

  “I’m fine.”

  “You’re in love with him.”

  “Don’t be ridiculous. No one falls in love in just a few days.”

  “Of course they do. You can fall in love in a day, an hour, a minute.”

  “You’ve been with Eric for how long? And you can’t figure out if it’s love.”

  Liza smiled. “Oh, it’s love. I’m pretty sure it always was. I’m going to tell him tonight. In fact, he wants me to wait for him in his room. I think he’s going to pay me back for tying him up. Have you seen the toys in those rooms?” Liza shivered with delight. “I hope we use the fur-lined gloves and a blank tape—”

  Em put her hands over her ears. “Not listening—”

  Liza pulled Em’s hands down. “I’ll never forget how you helped me through this,” she said fiercely. “I want you to be just as happy as I am.”

  “What I need is not to be picturing you and Eric using one of those blank tapes.”

  “Well, maybe we won’t, maybe we’ll just go through the Kama Sutra—”

  Luckily Em’s cell phone rang, cutting off that thought. It was Nathan.

  “You’ve been seen with the chef,” he said without preamble.

  “What? How did you—”

  “I know all. Now reel him in.”

  Em grated her teeth. “Nathan, you know I don’t work that way.”

  “Are you or are you not sleeping with him?”

  Em’s heart clutched. “Whatever I’m doing on my off-hours has nothing to do with work.”

  “Perfect, you are.”

  “You’re not listening—”

  “Just keep at it, Em. This is going to be great.” Click.

  Em stared at her cell phone, dread and regret nearly overwhelming her.

  Liza was watching her. “Forget him,” she said. “He’s an ass.”

  It helped to remember that but didn’t make her feel any better to know that anyone on the outside looking in might assume the same thing as Nathan. That she’d slept with Jacob to convince him to take the job.

  What if Jacob thought it?

  No. No, he wouldn’t. Couldn’t. But still, the worry nagged at her. “I’m not going to do this the way Nathan would,” she said out loud.

  “Of course you’re not,” Liz